"Leading the Fight Against the Assault on Human Dignity"

Premiere Phase 2 (Premiere 2) is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of those whose lives have been impacted by Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, and Reproductive Cancers (Ovarian and Prostate).  Premiere 2 raises community awareness through seminars and workshops, raises funds to provide resources and support to strengthen survivors and their families, and advocates for local, national, and international policy initiatives that will lead to long term solutions to these assaults on human dignity.


Premiere 2 will provide training programs relative to each area of focus.


  • For Human Trafficking (HT), programs will focus on parents, teachers, community leaders, and children to 1) outline how victims are targeted, 2) how to report suspected or actual trafficking, and 3) resources for survivors.
  • For Domestic Violence (DV), programs will focus on the family as a unit, and children individually, with emphasis on 1) victim resources, 2) survivor support, and 3) ongoing survivor protection through the criminal justice system.
  • For Bullying.


Premiere 2 will participate in community fairs and expos to share information.  Premiere 2 will also host at least one community fair each year, inviting organizations that provide similar services and have similar programmatic focus to participate.


Programs will be organized in partnership with other established organizations that share Premiere 2's focus, as well as building new relationships through schools, churches, civic and social organizations.


Premiere 2 will host a Family 5K Fun Run/Walk, Fashion Show, and Community Awards Gala to raise money and awareness for our programs.